DeerStorage - a very fast self-hosted database with shareable rows/files

Using Docker, docker-compose, Elixir, Phoenix Framework, Phoenix Liveview, Ecto Embedded Schemes and Let's Encrypt I created a fully self-hosted open source web application to be used by people and organizations needing a database/files storage with sharing capabilities

Stateful GenServers in Elixir

Fascinated by Elixir's concurrency model, I've decided to play around with the idea of having multiple processes stored in a constantly changing list, but at the same time having a common state.

I wrote, a WebSocket chat app that is end-to-end encrypted

I've been thinking about this for a long time now, so I locked myself in a basement and wrote a web chat application that uses top-class encryption protocols mixed up to give a full end-to-end encryption between as many users you want.